Saturday, November 14, 2015

Life's not easy, I'm not made out of steel.

This is really what I got in mind for the past few weeks. I'm becoming less myself day by day thinking other ways to live life. When all I should've do is (as cheesy as it sounds) be my self, chase my dreams. I thought I was an expert on not thinking too much about what everyone else is thinking. But I lied to myself. I like told myself to put yourself out there since like 2010 but never actually did. I was, too scared? Nothing's too late but it's too late for me now cause I have all these exams traffic jamming my mind in being creative. Uni is very important. And so is loving yourself. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Once Upon Under The Sea

I feel like I never start my blog with a once upon a time so I'm gonna try it out. Written on 28 of September 2015 11.25, 5 minutes before the bell rings. 

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a young and bright girl. She likes to play outside, just like any other kid. She grew up in the same neighborhood for 10 years. As she grew up, she felt there has been much differences in her life. One day, there was a competition near where she lived and she decided to join in the drawing competition. It was her first time ever and she didn't know what to draw. She had this weird thing that she never wants to have or do the same thing as anybody else. Thus, she decided to draw a scenery from underneath the sea. She drew clams, sea shells, sea weed, and many beautiful corals. Not forget to mention all the beautiful sea creatures she drew. There was a sea turtle, some lobsters, fishes, and pretty sea horses. She let her imagination flow pretty well. She didn't expect to get a prize, she just wanted to express herself in her drawings. 
So she drew, and drew, and colored too, using all the color pallets she had on her crayons. Little did she know, when she finished she ended up in the 3rd place. Not too bad for her first time? Sadly, she couldn't take her drawing home to show her mom and dad. Ever since then she has been in love with drawing. 
Many years later today, she had an art assignment and had to paint a scenery view. She immediately thought of her first drawing ever. And that is when this painting was created. Until now, she still loves drawing and she lived happily ever after.

As cheesy as it is that little girl happens to be me. hehe. So that was the story of how I got the idea of this painting. It is called "The Stunning View of Atlantic"

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Must Watch Movies

Been soooo busy lately but I somehow always find a way to watch a movie in the middle of my business. I am sooo over chick flicks. Even though they are still my go-to movies to watch when I'm bored I just don't seem to dig that kind of movies anymore. Or maybe I'm just bored cause there's not much chick flicks to watch on the list. 
Besides that, I have figured out some movies that tells us more about life. My Name Is Khan was a popular movie back in junior highschool, but I never get to watch it because I never had the chance and I didn't really like those types of Movies back then. But, I secretly have this soft spot for Hindi Movies ever since I start watching 3 Idiots because it was an assignment project at school and I had to explain the 3 characteristics of the main characters and ever since that, I have been loving Hindi Movies. Well, I don't speak Hindi but I always watch the ones with English Subs on it. That is the first time ever having to use an English Sub in a movie. And then my friend Ananta mentioned Taare Zameen Par once on a group chat and I watched it and I loved it. So here's the list of Hindi Movies to watch and a quick plot of the movie if I may add.

1. Taare Zameen Par
This movie tells you about a story of a little boy who is misunderstood because he's different, and frankly, he can't read. At first I thought this movie could be completely boring. This boy Ishaan was treated as if he was a coward, but then a new teacher came but he didn't brighten up Ishaan's world just yet, this teacher had to know more about Ishaan to make a difference in his life. I adore Aamir Khan in this movie cause he just teaches me everything about life in one movie.
I'm currently re-watching this movie right now! 

2. Ghajini
Okay so this movie is a little bit different. It's not that typical type of movie I'd watch cause it had actions and a little bit of a thrill in it. But, the movie is actually really beautiful. It tells you about true love. Only, his lover is killed but he can't seem to remember how, he had a short term memory lost. (Or was it a long term memory lost?) But then the villain came in and yadda yadda yadda, you have to watch the full movie to understand. It's all over the internet. 

3. PK
PK! My faaaav Hindi movie! It showed in theaters once here but I didn't have the chance to watch so I watched it online instead. PK is like a some sort of alien that came to earth and then this girl found her and he thinks it true love but this girl is still in love with a guy who "hang" her just like that. It's a really interesting movie and a funny one too! You HAVE to watch it. 

4. 3 Idiots
Haha my fav. They are really idiots I don't know why but they just are. They met in college and life changed when this guy named Ranchodas Shamaldas Chanchad (excuse me if I spelled it wrong). So Rancho came and he's really really smart but he never studies so two of his friends don't study too but they got bad grades, but Rancho didn't. Two of his friends one is a real good photographer, one is a business man I believe? I forgot. But then Rancho disappeared out of the blue and they figured out that Ranchodas Shamaldas Chanchad wasn't his true identity. FOR MORE EXCITEMENT WATCH AND DOWNLOAD 3 IDIOTS, NOW!
My actual favorite quote that I hang on my room with a post it actually came from this movie it says "Make your passion, your profession"

5. Slumdog Millionaire
Okay I have to admit I haven't finished watching Slumdog Millionaire and I forgot the plot of the movie but I'm just gonna put it on the list anyways. 

6. My Name Is Khan
...and I'm not a terrorist. I basically just spoiled you the whole movie. So there's this guy from Pakistan who has a disability and wanted to prove to the world that he is a moslem and he's not a terrorist because of all the 911 shenanigans going on. 

There's one more movie I can't remember the name but it tells you about the braveness of a woman saving her dignity. All I remember is Kareena Kapoor was the main actress. Believe me, everyone who ends with a "Khan" in their name are real good Indian actors like Shahkrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Imran Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan. Amalia Khan. Woah. loljk.

To watch list: Dhoom: 3, Priya: The Charming Girl of India, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, aaaand many more. I wanted to include pictures but I don't wanna steal the from the internet so you better google them yoursef. anyways, HAPPY SWEET 17 GOOGLE! 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Late Night Pointless Thoughts.

 I apologize in advance, and I do need your sympathy. 

Been thinking a lot lately. Well I use my brain everyday but. I've been thinking about something quite serious. I miss my junior high school friends. But then again, do they miss me? I can clearly say that I am not happy, you can tell by what I am trying to tell you. Either I changed or the society change? I cannot seem to figure that out. The over thoughts in my head are whirling up in desire to be over thought. Nothing that comes out from my brain make sense anymore. I miss those who I could call my best friends. But meeting them never seem to make it up. I miss the moments I spent with them. I could recall every thing in my head and then you could see it crying. I miss being happy around them, you know what I'm saying. I dunno I just, maybe they think I forgot all about them but, it still recalls every time the word "you have no best friends" keeps haunting me. People think I don't care cause I don't show it. Maybe because I never learnt that to have a best friend, you have to be a best friend. (Yet I'm nowhere near that phase now). In elementary school best friends keep coming up to me, and I didn't need to put an effort on it. Now that I'm in High School now things has changed. 

This post came out really depressing actually. Sorry about that. 

I just haven't found myself in High School just yet. But then again I'm only 2 days away from Senior Year. Good luck self.

Harry Potter update: I just finished the book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Whoah some sirius stuff written there) yesterday and now I'm about to start Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but. There's no but. I'm going to continue it no matter what. But maybe tomorrow. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Keeping Up With The Harry Potter Books.

As a kid I always grew up with looking at my brother diving in a Harry Potter book. I used to think that he was a complete nerd for doing that, I'm sorry. I always watch the Harry Potter movies with him and the family. I never really dig in the movie and the whole plot. I didn't really understand much stuff, I just thought it was a great movie back then. When the Harry Potter online game which I forgot the name of it (If any of you know what I'm talking about please comment down bellow of the site that I'm trying to tell you), I wasn't part of that community even though I thought it was pretty cool. I didn't think I was old enough for heavy reading. As you can tell on my last vlog I said I'm not that kind of a book person. 

But I have this theory, people who read Harry Potter books must be a genius because that is one thick book. And I always secretly admired people who read Harry Potter books like my friend Hani, or Azzah, or Icha, and even my brother. I once told my friend about that theory and he must of think that I was insane. But, I kept on to that theory. Only people who read Harry Potter books are geniuses. Then I thought, why can't I become one?

'Is it too late to start reading Harry Potter?' I asked my brother, and thankfully the answer was satisfying cause you're never too late to start something new. And the first ever fiction book I actually dig in was Girl Online. I always watch vlogs about Book Reviews but I never really read them. I was just amazed in a strange sort of way with people who read. Andovi once said, (well I bet he quoted it from someone else but) Our brain is like a knife, you'd have to sharpen it to cut sharp, we sharpen our brains using books. And then I thought, when will I ever start to read? I was fed up with my brain cause I feel like it kept consleting every time I speak and people might think I'm dumb.

So I started reading. Well I had to admit my first book was Girl Online even though it was written by a ghostwriter but it sure was the first book that made me fall in love with reading. I might have to thank that ghostwriter someday. And from now one I'm promising myself to read a book. Any book. Starting with the Harry Potter series. 

P.s. I've already finished the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone book (took me three days). And now I'm continuing with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Wish me luck! 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Quotes I Live By.

Before I say anything else, if anyone knows a place/site to read daily and has the latest news and trends and knowledge and everything please let me know. And yeah I have heard about the newspaper but I want it something more modern, and I have heard about the newspaper website but that's a different thing. I want a place that has daily reads and writings from professional writers.

So, I am coming up with a new video idea but there are slight problems. My camera is not working with me. I mean the camera is perfectly fine but the memory card is being a bitch. It's the only memory card I have that can be used in filming but it's being a bitch lately cause it needs to format but when I format it on the camera it says "Cannot be format" like what the hell? I am not a professional in this yet. I even deleted and format it on my laptop but it still doesn't work. Now I'm left with an idea stuck in my head and I can't seem to let it out. I mean, I could always write it down on my brainstorming book anytime but it's just different.

Since I haven't been blogging for a while so I think I should write it down here instead until I finally got my memory card. So here's what I've been thinking about: Quotes I Live By.

Many of people struggle in life and I chose a path to always see the positive way and a way through it, even at certain nights I don't always feel like that. But I'm trying to stay positive in any sort of way. It's a thing now where people give you advice and say stay positive. But I don't think that's enough. You can't tell that to your brain cause it still has a lot of branches to think about the negativity in life. 
So I give you Quotes I Live By to held and to always mesmerize. 

1] Live the life you imagine.

I bet you all had thought what you would be, where you would live, who you would be with in the future. So instead of just imagining it, it gives you nowhere. Try do something so you could live in that imaginary world and make it come true. Because you have to do something that your future self would thank you for. I've decided to do youtube, and let's see what the future might hold.

2] Work hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself. 

This is similar to "Work until you don't need to see the price tag while you're shopping." I think about this quote a lot. I even wrote it on a mug I put on my desk so it would magically come true, but of course with effort and hard work. Yet I don't like the phrase "no pain no gain" cause it's too harshful for the brain to think that you need to pain to gain, there is so many better ways to say that in a much better phrase. 

3] "Yang pinter tuh harus kamu, bukan bapak mu, bukan guru les mu, bukan temen kamu, tapi kamu"- Pak Amin, Guru Fisika.

This ones really stuck in my head because I am actually that one student who rely on my tutor or I copy the answers from my friend. Cheating is really not good for the brain cause it would think that "it's fine, you could always copy her answers" but when it comes to real life and real test like those big exams you take to go to college? you cannot cheat there. Coming from a student who is going to face those exams, cheating is not the answer. I swear I regret those days I copy my friend's answers rather than figuring it out myself.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Trouble Sleeping & I Miss Writing.

I can't remember the last time I actually wrote on this blog, I apologize in advance. I know by lack of writing makes me lack of viewers and readers too but there's just so much going on.

I actually started youtube like how I said I doubted on my post Youtuber To Be or Not To Be and cause it had a lot of nice comments it made me actually thinking of doing it cause I wanted to do something that my future self could thank me for later. And I guess it's a start of something new? Oh my god I sound like Troy from High School Musical.

Anyways, I remember I used to say Anyhoo because I liked reading Dork Diaries and she always start up again with Anyhoos so, I thought it was cool back then, what'dya think? I mean it still sound pretty cool tho am I right?

Have you ever felt so bored in your life you could watch a whole back-to-back youtube video for about 20 minutes each? I went through that phase and now I kinda regret it because I start thinking of the possibilities I could do whilst those 20 minutes. But you can't take back what you have done. So I'm making sure I'm being productive now. I make sure I have a plan for a whole day cause that is a good way to start a day. You know. Knowing what to do. It actually excites me to actually get things done.

Today I traveled via public transportation on my own because I felt for a little me-time adventure and I had something to do so I guess why not use that opportunity? I totally didn't vlog the whole thing nor even posted a snapchat because I wanted to  be my own adventure. Have you ever felt something like that before? Wanting to do something for yourself for a change? I finally did it.

So anytime you're so sick of the world and just needed a time off?
Go out there make memories and keep it to yourself.


I recently finished reading a book called Girl Online and just when I made a video review about it, well its actually not a video review it's basically just me fangirling about it. But just when I made a video about it, I didn't knew the rumor that it was ghost written. But all the ideas were pure Zoe's. But just as uncaring as I am, I actually don't care if it is ghost written cause she wouldn't be able to write a pure gold book like that anyways because of all of the Youtube shenanigans going on and I never see her busy writing so, it makes sense. But I fell in love with the story. I've never fall in love with a book before so this is new for me. I fell in love with the characters and the story and how it relates to me.

Anyways I'm still gonna post the video on my youtube channel after I edit it because I haven't posted in a week so.

Coming up is a rant about Quotes I Live By so make sure to comment about the quotes that inspires you down below!
I keep writing as if somebody's gonna read my blog again haha. Poor me.

Love, Amalia.