Thursday, July 20, 2017

carry on with your life, would ya?

Been quite a while since i last wrote here. well to be honest, i've written plenty of stuffs but i've been archiving it for no apparent reason, i just didn't feel like updating. Well there you go, a reason right there.
Life update; Finally got in to Management UI so yea there's that. A gap year well spent.
Been reading books i never thought of reading, adult novels for starters? and I just been keeping everything to myself lately.
Although I managed to post decent pictures for my Instagram.
I don't really know what this is, thank you for reading this far tho.
But i really, really miss blogging. Putting my thoughts out in the internet ( well, besides twitter ) and now that instagram has this instagram story feature they basically stole from snapchat. #savesnapchat.
Blogging takes me back to elementary days, junior highschool shenanigans, i didn't really write here throughout highschool tho. Recently managed to draw myself a timeskip for the journal, but it's nowhere near good until it's barely even legal to put it out in the internet, it looks hardly like a joke, a joke that i would most likely love to keep it to myself.
Got all these ideas in my head to re-design my room, again. Well just the bedside part because it looks like its been designed by a person with zero taste. Crappy bean bag, shitty bedside table I got after buying a table from informa ( so it was for free ), although I do like the radio, totally keeping that lad. and I do have to get rid of the memory box, it's getting dusty. And I definitely need a new carpet. But it's my kind of mess, the mess I like, but not enough to keep it like that hahah.

I surely do wish blogging was a thing again.

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