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thoughts on "gap year"

Ngulang setaun,
you name it.

Just consider this as a frequently asked question from, answered by a nobody who got lucky enough to get in to the uni she wanted. Almost a year ago, I didn't pass neither SBMPTN nor SIMAK UI. And yes, I didn't want to try any other uni test because I already had a feeling since the first week of studying for SBMPTN that I would have to try again next year. I literally still remember how it felt. I knew for a fact that I wasn't studying that much and I didn't know shit about geography back then. Please do note that I was a science student transferred to a social student for SBMPTN. So that meant that I only had a couple of months to study social studies. And yes, I wasn't THAT bright of a student. Sure I did study economics and indonesia's history since the 10th grade BUT STILL. Although that did made my love for economics grew stronger. Thank you for that Pak Abung! Still not a fan of history but I'd take that class any day instead of chemistry or physics. Not that I'm against science or anything, my brain just didn't have the capacity to handle all of that. But if I could go back, I would love to study harder for those particular subjects in order to be capable to work at NASA or any big companies that requires you to speak geometry and advanced codes for technology (korban hidden figure, maafin). You could literally contribute more if you had the brains for it. Buuut again, this was the path I had chosen. Still can't figure out why, but I'm getting there. 

This post is dedicated for them yang nanyain soal gap year, pertama-tama lo bisa baca tulisan di zenius tentang gap year karena jujur aja gue terinspirasi juga lewat situ. Literally screenshot it and shared it to my friends yang gagal juga SBMnyah and I quote
Top universities di Amerika kayak Harvard and Princeton bahkan nyaranin nganggur setahun sebelum mulai kuliah, karena berdasarkan pengalaman mereka, yang nganggur setahun ternyata prestasinya lebih oke, karena 1 tahun bisa ngebantu anak-anak ini untuk belajar jauh lebih banyak, travelling, baca/ nonton macem-macem sesuai yang mereka mau (kalo kuliah/ sekolah biasanya kan bacaannya udah ditentuin). Intinya kalo menurut mereka, dan menurut gue juga, 1 tahun itu kesempatan lo investasi bisa belajar hal yang jauh lebih penting dari apa yang diajarin di sekolah/ kuliah sambil nyiapin buat SNMPTN.
dulu namanya masih SNMPTN. yaaa postan ini juga bisa menuai kontradiksi tersendiri karena, ada juga yang gap year, tapi ngga dapet juga atau dapet bukan sesuai pilihan mereka. WELL I'M NOT GOD SO PLEASE DON'T BRING THAT UP. 

Let's just make this about my gap year

My gap year went pretty well, although it was still out of my expectations on what I was gonna do for a whole year, i.e. study math harder, read more books, volunteer more, etc, etc, but at least I made it. 
But it is true, have faith in yourself! I honestly still doubted myself right after this year's SBMPTN. But thank god dinaikin kuota sbmptn nya. tbh I think that's the only reason why I got in. Well despite me kicking my own ass off for studying. 

Would you like to know my secret recipe in acing this year's SBMPTN? 
it's a little thing called love. I loved myself more. I think that's the key and a real important secret ingredient so don't let Plankton steal that from you.
Plankton is this real negative side of you, you need to get rid of that. 


So I spent the first semester of my gap year at Akademos, this alumni class from the tutors of Zenius, most people must have heard of that. Akademos. I gained friends and experiences there. Wasn't really forced into studying, but seeing other people studying literally makes you want to study. But we still had breaks and chilled a lot while playing this game I love called Avalon. But it really was an important part of my gap year, right before I decided to switch to Inten which was closer to my house although it was more strict there, but I went for it anyway. I was that underdog too, I didn't get enough scores in all of my try outs. And the pressure of having people around you with kick-ass try out scores. Damn. I felt like I have failed myself again that time. But bare with me here, it gets better (or worse). Those numbers, in fact, are not truly important. What's important is the knowledge you gained and saved in your memory box. What's important is the less pressure you feel because you have been there plenty of times. It's not only about your knowledge field in your head, it's also the mental strength you need to control in order to relax in any exams. 
Also, I didn't really have to worry about national exams anymore so that's that. 

Sure at first friends will make fun of you for not getting into uni, but it is worth the mock. If you study enough and understand more than you already know, that's a good start I may say. I don't have any power to make a statement here, but believe me when I say gap year is not so bad. You just need to control yourself and know what you have to do. Read the zenius articles if that helps you straight up your mind. Even jacksgap got started because his gap year? He even got his name from that one decision of his. Gap year. 

Just don't push yourself too hard and get tired in the end, that's where the real game begins. Know how much you're capable of doing, and do it for the rest of the year and you're almost out there. Remember, the secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. Make your future self proud.

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