Sunday, September 27, 2015

Must Watch Movies

Been soooo busy lately but I somehow always find a way to watch a movie in the middle of my business. I am sooo over chick flicks. Even though they are still my go-to movies to watch when I'm bored I just don't seem to dig that kind of movies anymore. Or maybe I'm just bored cause there's not much chick flicks to watch on the list. 
Besides that, I have figured out some movies that tells us more about life. My Name Is Khan was a popular movie back in junior highschool, but I never get to watch it because I never had the chance and I didn't really like those types of Movies back then. But, I secretly have this soft spot for Hindi Movies ever since I start watching 3 Idiots because it was an assignment project at school and I had to explain the 3 characteristics of the main characters and ever since that, I have been loving Hindi Movies. Well, I don't speak Hindi but I always watch the ones with English Subs on it. That is the first time ever having to use an English Sub in a movie. And then my friend Ananta mentioned Taare Zameen Par once on a group chat and I watched it and I loved it. So here's the list of Hindi Movies to watch and a quick plot of the movie if I may add.

1. Taare Zameen Par
This movie tells you about a story of a little boy who is misunderstood because he's different, and frankly, he can't read. At first I thought this movie could be completely boring. This boy Ishaan was treated as if he was a coward, but then a new teacher came but he didn't brighten up Ishaan's world just yet, this teacher had to know more about Ishaan to make a difference in his life. I adore Aamir Khan in this movie cause he just teaches me everything about life in one movie.
I'm currently re-watching this movie right now! 

2. Ghajini
Okay so this movie is a little bit different. It's not that typical type of movie I'd watch cause it had actions and a little bit of a thrill in it. But, the movie is actually really beautiful. It tells you about true love. Only, his lover is killed but he can't seem to remember how, he had a short term memory lost. (Or was it a long term memory lost?) But then the villain came in and yadda yadda yadda, you have to watch the full movie to understand. It's all over the internet. 

3. PK
PK! My faaaav Hindi movie! It showed in theaters once here but I didn't have the chance to watch so I watched it online instead. PK is like a some sort of alien that came to earth and then this girl found her and he thinks it true love but this girl is still in love with a guy who "hang" her just like that. It's a really interesting movie and a funny one too! You HAVE to watch it. 

4. 3 Idiots
Haha my fav. They are really idiots I don't know why but they just are. They met in college and life changed when this guy named Ranchodas Shamaldas Chanchad (excuse me if I spelled it wrong). So Rancho came and he's really really smart but he never studies so two of his friends don't study too but they got bad grades, but Rancho didn't. Two of his friends one is a real good photographer, one is a business man I believe? I forgot. But then Rancho disappeared out of the blue and they figured out that Ranchodas Shamaldas Chanchad wasn't his true identity. FOR MORE EXCITEMENT WATCH AND DOWNLOAD 3 IDIOTS, NOW!
My actual favorite quote that I hang on my room with a post it actually came from this movie it says "Make your passion, your profession"

5. Slumdog Millionaire
Okay I have to admit I haven't finished watching Slumdog Millionaire and I forgot the plot of the movie but I'm just gonna put it on the list anyways. 

6. My Name Is Khan
...and I'm not a terrorist. I basically just spoiled you the whole movie. So there's this guy from Pakistan who has a disability and wanted to prove to the world that he is a moslem and he's not a terrorist because of all the 911 shenanigans going on. 

There's one more movie I can't remember the name but it tells you about the braveness of a woman saving her dignity. All I remember is Kareena Kapoor was the main actress. Believe me, everyone who ends with a "Khan" in their name are real good Indian actors like Shahkrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Imran Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan. Amalia Khan. Woah. loljk.

To watch list: Dhoom: 3, Priya: The Charming Girl of India, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, aaaand many more. I wanted to include pictures but I don't wanna steal the from the internet so you better google them yoursef. anyways, HAPPY SWEET 17 GOOGLE! 

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