Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Once Upon Under The Sea

I feel like I never start my blog with a once upon a time so I'm gonna try it out. Written on 28 of September 2015 11.25, 5 minutes before the bell rings. 

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a young and bright girl. She likes to play outside, just like any other kid. She grew up in the same neighborhood for 10 years. As she grew up, she felt there has been much differences in her life. One day, there was a competition near where she lived and she decided to join in the drawing competition. It was her first time ever and she didn't know what to draw. She had this weird thing that she never wants to have or do the same thing as anybody else. Thus, she decided to draw a scenery from underneath the sea. She drew clams, sea shells, sea weed, and many beautiful corals. Not forget to mention all the beautiful sea creatures she drew. There was a sea turtle, some lobsters, fishes, and pretty sea horses. She let her imagination flow pretty well. She didn't expect to get a prize, she just wanted to express herself in her drawings. 
So she drew, and drew, and colored too, using all the color pallets she had on her crayons. Little did she know, when she finished she ended up in the 3rd place. Not too bad for her first time? Sadly, she couldn't take her drawing home to show her mom and dad. Ever since then she has been in love with drawing. 
Many years later today, she had an art assignment and had to paint a scenery view. She immediately thought of her first drawing ever. And that is when this painting was created. Until now, she still loves drawing and she lived happily ever after.

As cheesy as it is that little girl happens to be me. hehe. So that was the story of how I got the idea of this painting. It is called "The Stunning View of Atlantic"

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