Friday, July 24, 2015

Late Night Pointless Thoughts.

 I apologize in advance, and I do need your sympathy. 

Been thinking a lot lately. Well I use my brain everyday but. I've been thinking about something quite serious. I miss my junior high school friends. But then again, do they miss me? I can clearly say that I am not happy, you can tell by what I am trying to tell you. Either I changed or the society change? I cannot seem to figure that out. The over thoughts in my head are whirling up in desire to be over thought. Nothing that comes out from my brain make sense anymore. I miss those who I could call my best friends. But meeting them never seem to make it up. I miss the moments I spent with them. I could recall every thing in my head and then you could see it crying. I miss being happy around them, you know what I'm saying. I dunno I just, maybe they think I forgot all about them but, it still recalls every time the word "you have no best friends" keeps haunting me. People think I don't care cause I don't show it. Maybe because I never learnt that to have a best friend, you have to be a best friend. (Yet I'm nowhere near that phase now). In elementary school best friends keep coming up to me, and I didn't need to put an effort on it. Now that I'm in High School now things has changed. 

This post came out really depressing actually. Sorry about that. 

I just haven't found myself in High School just yet. But then again I'm only 2 days away from Senior Year. Good luck self.

Harry Potter update: I just finished the book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Whoah some sirius stuff written there) yesterday and now I'm about to start Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but. There's no but. I'm going to continue it no matter what. But maybe tomorrow. 

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