Friday, July 10, 2015

Quotes I Live By.

Before I say anything else, if anyone knows a place/site to read daily and has the latest news and trends and knowledge and everything please let me know. And yeah I have heard about the newspaper but I want it something more modern, and I have heard about the newspaper website but that's a different thing. I want a place that has daily reads and writings from professional writers.

So, I am coming up with a new video idea but there are slight problems. My camera is not working with me. I mean the camera is perfectly fine but the memory card is being a bitch. It's the only memory card I have that can be used in filming but it's being a bitch lately cause it needs to format but when I format it on the camera it says "Cannot be format" like what the hell? I am not a professional in this yet. I even deleted and format it on my laptop but it still doesn't work. Now I'm left with an idea stuck in my head and I can't seem to let it out. I mean, I could always write it down on my brainstorming book anytime but it's just different.

Since I haven't been blogging for a while so I think I should write it down here instead until I finally got my memory card. So here's what I've been thinking about: Quotes I Live By.

Many of people struggle in life and I chose a path to always see the positive way and a way through it, even at certain nights I don't always feel like that. But I'm trying to stay positive in any sort of way. It's a thing now where people give you advice and say stay positive. But I don't think that's enough. You can't tell that to your brain cause it still has a lot of branches to think about the negativity in life. 
So I give you Quotes I Live By to held and to always mesmerize. 

1] Live the life you imagine.

I bet you all had thought what you would be, where you would live, who you would be with in the future. So instead of just imagining it, it gives you nowhere. Try do something so you could live in that imaginary world and make it come true. Because you have to do something that your future self would thank you for. I've decided to do youtube, and let's see what the future might hold.

2] Work hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself. 

This is similar to "Work until you don't need to see the price tag while you're shopping." I think about this quote a lot. I even wrote it on a mug I put on my desk so it would magically come true, but of course with effort and hard work. Yet I don't like the phrase "no pain no gain" cause it's too harshful for the brain to think that you need to pain to gain, there is so many better ways to say that in a much better phrase. 

3] "Yang pinter tuh harus kamu, bukan bapak mu, bukan guru les mu, bukan temen kamu, tapi kamu"- Pak Amin, Guru Fisika.

This ones really stuck in my head because I am actually that one student who rely on my tutor or I copy the answers from my friend. Cheating is really not good for the brain cause it would think that "it's fine, you could always copy her answers" but when it comes to real life and real test like those big exams you take to go to college? you cannot cheat there. Coming from a student who is going to face those exams, cheating is not the answer. I swear I regret those days I copy my friend's answers rather than figuring it out myself.

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