Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Keeping Up With The Harry Potter Books.

As a kid I always grew up with looking at my brother diving in a Harry Potter book. I used to think that he was a complete nerd for doing that, I'm sorry. I always watch the Harry Potter movies with him and the family. I never really dig in the movie and the whole plot. I didn't really understand much stuff, I just thought it was a great movie back then. When the Harry Potter online game which I forgot the name of it (If any of you know what I'm talking about please comment down bellow of the site that I'm trying to tell you), I wasn't part of that community even though I thought it was pretty cool. I didn't think I was old enough for heavy reading. As you can tell on my last vlog I said I'm not that kind of a book person. 

But I have this theory, people who read Harry Potter books must be a genius because that is one thick book. And I always secretly admired people who read Harry Potter books like my friend Hani, or Azzah, or Icha, and even my brother. I once told my friend about that theory and he must of think that I was insane. But, I kept on to that theory. Only people who read Harry Potter books are geniuses. Then I thought, why can't I become one?

'Is it too late to start reading Harry Potter?' I asked my brother, and thankfully the answer was satisfying cause you're never too late to start something new. And the first ever fiction book I actually dig in was Girl Online. I always watch vlogs about Book Reviews but I never really read them. I was just amazed in a strange sort of way with people who read. Andovi once said, (well I bet he quoted it from someone else but) Our brain is like a knife, you'd have to sharpen it to cut sharp, we sharpen our brains using books. And then I thought, when will I ever start to read? I was fed up with my brain cause I feel like it kept consleting every time I speak and people might think I'm dumb.

So I started reading. Well I had to admit my first book was Girl Online even though it was written by a ghostwriter but it sure was the first book that made me fall in love with reading. I might have to thank that ghostwriter someday. And from now one I'm promising myself to read a book. Any book. Starting with the Harry Potter series. 

P.s. I've already finished the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone book (took me three days). And now I'm continuing with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Wish me luck! 


  1. Pottermore meeel!
    Woah, welcome to The Slug Club (you'll eventually know about this club wkwk).

    1. OHYEAH POTTERMORE! Whoah you still read my blog! Haven't got there yet though, but thanks!