Monday, July 06, 2015

Trouble Sleeping & I Miss Writing.

I can't remember the last time I actually wrote on this blog, I apologize in advance. I know by lack of writing makes me lack of viewers and readers too but there's just so much going on.

I actually started youtube like how I said I doubted on my post Youtuber To Be or Not To Be and cause it had a lot of nice comments it made me actually thinking of doing it cause I wanted to do something that my future self could thank me for later. And I guess it's a start of something new? Oh my god I sound like Troy from High School Musical.

Anyways, I remember I used to say Anyhoo because I liked reading Dork Diaries and she always start up again with Anyhoos so, I thought it was cool back then, what'dya think? I mean it still sound pretty cool tho am I right?

Have you ever felt so bored in your life you could watch a whole back-to-back youtube video for about 20 minutes each? I went through that phase and now I kinda regret it because I start thinking of the possibilities I could do whilst those 20 minutes. But you can't take back what you have done. So I'm making sure I'm being productive now. I make sure I have a plan for a whole day cause that is a good way to start a day. You know. Knowing what to do. It actually excites me to actually get things done.

Today I traveled via public transportation on my own because I felt for a little me-time adventure and I had something to do so I guess why not use that opportunity? I totally didn't vlog the whole thing nor even posted a snapchat because I wanted to  be my own adventure. Have you ever felt something like that before? Wanting to do something for yourself for a change? I finally did it.

So anytime you're so sick of the world and just needed a time off?
Go out there make memories and keep it to yourself.


I recently finished reading a book called Girl Online and just when I made a video review about it, well its actually not a video review it's basically just me fangirling about it. But just when I made a video about it, I didn't knew the rumor that it was ghost written. But all the ideas were pure Zoe's. But just as uncaring as I am, I actually don't care if it is ghost written cause she wouldn't be able to write a pure gold book like that anyways because of all of the Youtube shenanigans going on and I never see her busy writing so, it makes sense. But I fell in love with the story. I've never fall in love with a book before so this is new for me. I fell in love with the characters and the story and how it relates to me.

Anyways I'm still gonna post the video on my youtube channel after I edit it because I haven't posted in a week so.

Coming up is a rant about Quotes I Live By so make sure to comment about the quotes that inspires you down below!
I keep writing as if somebody's gonna read my blog again haha. Poor me.

Love, Amalia.

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