Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Facts Tag

Remember back when the #20FactsTag were booming on instagram? I just wanted to share a little bit more here:) But I'm not gonna right down 20 facts (well I could but I just don't want to)

1. I have and older brother Andika and he's annoying yet he wont admit that he's annoying that's why he's annoying and that's where I got my annoyingness, from him. He's 6 years older than me, well 6 and a half. We barely meet each other now with all the work and school business, when he comes home i'm probably already asleep, when I get up and get ready for school, he's probably still asleep. But whenever he comes home early he always comes to my room and asks "You miss me?" and I never admit I do hahah. We barely fight I can't remember the last time we were fighting for something. I guess we're not those typical brother-sister streotypes who always fights and hates each other but actually cares and loves one another.

2. I'm in to photography and vlogs. I never noticed it from the start but when I got in OSIS I started to love it and now I'm asking for a new DSLR cause the old one is wrecked. Currently saving money to buy a polaroid camera too. I don't know what's the thing about me and polaroids but I just love the way it turns out to, sadly, I don't own one. I wish to have one before I graduate highschool and die young. I'm also in to interior designing since I was a little girl. Remember those games you used to play online? I always search on "Barbie House Designing" and go crazy I could go for hours just playing that game.

3. Not really in to reading books like novels or so, but I do like books that motivates us like Austin Kleons. I know our brain is like a knife, you need to sharpen it for it to still function perfectly. But somehow there's no connection between me and heavy readings. I always get my informations and stuffs I need to know via Internet. I always google on articles and read blogs, well that's just like reading books I guess? I need to read more. I like the feeling of reading a book and be like "Oh! That is so true" and "Oh! I never knew that after all this time" so any book recommedation? I would love to read more.

4. I listen to any song on my playlist, I don't care if its mainstream or not, if I like it, I'd listen to it. But when I'm bored with my playlist I go on youtube and search "Best Of.." or Youtube recommendations.

5. I get most of my inspirations from people, we heart it,  and I have this little book with inspirations in it. I rarely blog nowadays cause nobody reads blogs anymore, well nobody ever did. Blogging were never a thing for the social media but somehow I like it. It's the only getaway I have to escape this mad world. Now I have trouble with expressing my thoughts because lately I feel absolutely nothing, I feel raw, I feel as if there's nothing quite amusing enough to wake up my brain and feel alive. That's why I wanna try youtubing. Who knows by expressing myself on vlogs even more could give my brain a little wake up call. But before youtube I need to take some speech practices cause I speak weirdly and I get all tongue twisted everytime I say something fast. I hate it when they make fun of my tongue, like seriously, just accept the way I say things and we both won't be disturbed. But at the same time I know I have to change for a better me.


  1. "I hate it when they make fun of my tongue...." Haha

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. Love reading your blog
    a very talented young girl!