Sunday, September 01, 2013

Sendhowo Is The Motto.

Well since this is the first post since forever, sorry for being such a lazy updater I solemnly swear I would not be lazy anymore in high school. And this is also my first post since I am now officially a high school student! Remember how I used to always say I can't wait? Now I'm living the moment.. But before high school, my uncle once told me that I had to be sendhowo in my decisions that I'm willing to make in the future. Sendhowo is a javanese language. It might sound weird but it rhymes with Motto so... Sendhowo means (If I'm not mistaken) that you have to take risk in every choice you chose. You can't just back down when everything goes wrong, you have to be strong and cleverly find away and go right through it. I was most likely in being in that sendhowo situation. 

I've been through those phases where I forced myself in thinking that I am way more better than everyone else in the room. But that actually gave me low self-esteem. And I don't want that. I was often down and feeling blue. I was most likely to compare myself to everyone I know. Now I'm changing my directions. I'm giving myself a whole new make up. Not a make up that uses blushes, mascara, or eyeliner. But a confidence boost make up which is the most important make up in your make up bag. ^^v