Saturday, March 30, 2013

2148.25 miles away from home.

Author's Note: (Before you read this, you might want to read this and this first) 

Australia 2012.
Have you ever had the feeling of missing something and you realize you can't get it back? Somehow I feel that way about my experiences with my friends to Australia.... I miss Australia, but if I come back and pay a visit, it will never feel the same. So my heart is left alone by the feeling of missing those moments.... You may think I'm overreacting about this, and I don't usually miss something so much but now I miss Australia.. I miss the kids in EPIC who were adorable and super friendly. I remember the first day of school and everybody had to introduced ourselves and Ina and I sang infront of the class, she sang Superbass by Nicki Minaj and I sang What Makes You Beautiful by (the one and only, oh you know it) One Direction. That is why people know me as a directioner and they said that I was a great singer (thank you though ;) I know we still can communicate from facebook but it's just not the same. 

Some girls wrote on my journal so that made me miss them every time I open my journal. They wrote something sweet like "You're a nice friend, it's so great to have you in our class" and something cheesy like "I'll miss you, please don't forget me". I also miss my hostfam (they call it that), Ms. Sonya and her daughter Ferdos. Also Ms. Rayan (because I spend the time mostly at their house too) and her daughters, Sahar and Sofia, oh and her sister too! she's nice. Not to forget the Nachabe's too, I wonder if they still remember me.... They weren't my hostfam but we were close. I seriously can't pick one of the best experience in Aussie because all of them were just EPIC! 

//Fun (out of the topic) fact: I usually listen to music when I'm on the computer, but when I write I have to turn it off to make my brain think clearly and I don't easily forget what I wanna write down.//


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  2. Haii! Dah lama gak berkunjung... Banyak yang berubah.

    1. Hahaha iyadong, a change is always good :D apakabarrr?

  3. Hai ^_^ Aku baru balik dari hiatus dan ketinggalan banyak-_- Kalo udah deket dan enjoy sama temen tuh emang susah ngilanginnya. Itu nggak overreacting kok ;) Temen di sana baik-baik ya? :) Aku dulu juga sempet ke Europe dan kangeen suasana dingin di sana :( Visit back ya di HTTP://RONAATIKAH.COM/ ada post tentang Malay, Singapre, mungkin ada Europ juga

  4. yesssss you wrote my name (again) on your post. i remembered how much you adored the foods there. no rice, no indonesia foods you dislike, only chips and french fries, maxibon, pizza, burger and all of your favorites are in Australia. i don't really miss Australia but i miss Amalia wkwkkwk #yuck #closeenough