Saturday, March 23, 2013

Guilty Pleasures.

I can't believe my last post was two weeks ago. Sorry to disappoint you. I've always wanted to write but I  never have time, now that I'm a ninth grader but being a ninth grader isn't an excuse to not post a blog. Sorry for being a lazy updater but I'm updating now! So, this week, Glee's episode is going to be about Guilty Pleasures so I guess I would like to talk about my guiltiest pleasures. Everybody has at least one guilty pleasure. If you think you don't have one, think again. Before I get to the point where I tell you what my guilty pleasures are I have to warn you that I have a lot and I don't think I'm going to write all of it down. And I don't know where I got the guts to talk about my guilty pleasure cause it rarely happens to me. My first and guiltiest pleasure is....... dancing and singing a lot to a song in front of my mirror making facial expressions or doing a fashion runway trying on some clothes and stuff. Like what I just did 20 minutes ago. Okay too much information-_- I know it's normal but I can never do that when other people are around. I only do that when I'm mentally bored and I'm always mentally bored. 

Okay, my second guilty pleasure is chick flicks. I could say that I don't like watching horror movies or even action movies but I just love dramas and maybe sometimes comedy but I love to watch movies about relationships..... Maybe some people think it's boring but I like it. AND I love on and off screen relationships like Vanessa and Zac Efron but they're not together anymore sadly. It kinda disappoints me sometimes when the couple in the movie isn't a real couple off screen but I know that's none of my business. But now I have to postpone my chick flicks marathon time until April, my national exam week.  And I already have a list of movies to buy and/ download. 

Which leads me to the third guilty pleasure, shopping. I'm actually a really consumptive person. People might not know that I'm "in" to fashion is because I'm saving up for something I already have in mind but keeping it a secret. Fourth, people who plays the guitar. I get jealous when I see and hear someone who can play the guitar very well in my age. It made me regret the past view years I didn't take the opportunity to learn how to play the guitar. Does that count? I don't really care I'm writing it down anyways. 

Junk Food/Fast Food are also my guilty pleasure cause I realize I can't stand a week without them. And if I crave for something, I crave them badly. When there's nothing good on the menu, I will certainly ask to call mcdonalds or burger king. I know it's not good for me but hey, what can I say. But lately I've been decreasing my need for fast foods cause I'm starting to think about my future appearance. Maybe I'm like Marley, I'm already thin but I have fear of getting fat cause of my "genetics". But I don't want that to get in my mind all the time. And I know it's unhealthy, I don't have to hear that a million times. Disney Movies and Cartoons are also one of my guilty pleasure. Like I always say, You're never too old for cartoons :D 

Well those are some of my guilty pleasures maybe I'll add some later. Now tell me YOUR guiltiest pleasures! I know the picture up there doesn't have anything to do about this post but I like it! My panda gave it to me yesterday. 


  1. Blogwalking back, bang! Yayness yours are look way much prettier than mine <3 Care to link exchange, dear? :) You may put me as Glamorousky or Adismara Putri Pradiri :)