Monday, February 18, 2013

It was a balloon kind of day.

A week ago from today I turned 15 in 2013. 2 days ago a friend of mine gave me a tie full of helium balloons! It's amazing cause that was what I always wanted. But sadly my helium balloons didn't last for a day... Massive thank you for the person who gave me the balloons and actually bright up my day! 

This is my art section part of my room. My friend said that my room was very artistic because it's full of random and quirky artsy things. I didn't realized that at first, until I took this picture. I even have a corner named "The Art Corner" because it's full of my arts and craft but it's a little bit messy right now, today is not the best day to take a picture of it. 

The highlight of today: my friends gave me a strawberry cheesecake to celebrate my birthday! Even though my birthday was a week ago. Heaps of love for deva, almira, azka, ghina, dita, naf, nano, putri, hani, farisa, fia, ina, and dio.  Sorry I have no pictures heheh. Even I didn't expect a thing. It was definitely a birthday to remember<3

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