Monday, February 11, 2013

Unlocked the padlocks.

If you follow me on twitter and instagram you may know that I used to lock/private my accounts. And you may get this confusion (or not?) on why do I lock my account but then one day I unlock it but then another day I lock it again, this is jut to make it clear. But before telling you why did I unlocked my accounts, it's only fair to tell you why I did lock it at first. Well simply because I wanted people to want to know me better so they would HAVE to follow me instead of just stalking me. But, the more opened you are, the more people who gets more interested. Recently I found this gadget where I can put my twitter and instagram account on so it would look cool (just check out my sidebars). But sadly I have to unlock my accounts to make that possible. 
And this is just to make it clear, I may seem labile because I lock and then unlock and then lock my accounts  for some reasons, but this is my final decision, I am gonna unlock my accounts so I could be more free. Besides, other celebrities' accounts are unlocked and they are always update so that's what I'm gonna do :D

Anyway it's my birthday today and I feel blessed because of all the people around me. 

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