Thursday, October 18, 2012

Music sounds better with you.

When you're in love with a guy/girl, every single love song suits your situation. When you're going through a break up, every single break up song suits your situation also! It's just the way you listen to the song. Listen to it carefully. And maybe read the lyrics. And you'll listen to that song all-day-long! Well at least that's what I do.... kay. 

As you see I'm gonna be talking about music (obviously, duuh). I know I'm not the best person to look up to if you want a  song recommendation. Meaning I don't really know all the good songs. But I listen to quite some good songs that some of my friends recommended. And now I'm listening to it all-day-all-night.

First up,

I don't know about you but (I know about me) Jesse Mccartney's album 'Right Where You Want Me' is probably my All-time favorite music to listen to. My bro gave me his CD when I was like 12 and I haven't stopped listening to it until now <3 My favorite one from the album is "Just So You Know" you gotta love jesse mccartney! not just because he's adorably cute (i mean, he was) but his voice is heaven. okay.


I don't know if they already have an album released yet or not but I love some of their songs. And this was recommended by Azka. & I fell in love from the very first time I listened to their music. So here's some songs I like and Azka recommended. 
1) Blame It On The Rain
2) All About Us (my all-time favorite!)
3) Forever&Ever
4) Give it all
5) Too Beautiful
6) Everything You Do
7) Happily Ever After
8) ...and more I can't remember. 


Who doesn't love Taylor Swift? I do! Can't wait til her new album 'Red' to come out on October 22nd.  Fyi I used this photo cause I think it's the coolest out of all the new singles. But I also like 'Begin Again' 'Red' 'I Knew You Were Trouble' 'We Are Never Getting Back Together' 'Ronan' too but yea this cover was the coolest out of them all. Actually I had to choose between this one and Begin Again. But this was also the newest. Released like 3 days ago. I <3 you taylor. Even though I'm not a die-hard swiftie maniac I still love your songs and she's gorgeous. 

Fourthly, (is that a word?)

Maroon 5 baby! Honestly I was a little disappointed when I first heard the album. Fyi, I bought it with my own money. So I was a little disappointed cause it wasn't like Maroon 5's type of music. But, the more I listen to it, the more I love it day by day :-) My favorite song out of the album probably is 'Sad' but I can't choose over 'The Man Who Never Lied" "Beautiful Goodbye" or "Fortune Teller". Let's just say I love all of the songs! What's not to like? Plus the album cover it's just so artsy I love it!

And last but not least...... Fifthly, 

As you see I'm a directioner and I love them as much as I love food. Well their last album "Up All Night" was like soooo months ago. Take Me Home is the new thang. They haven't released the album yet, but they will later on November. But they had released their first single from the album "Live While We're Young" you've probably must of heard of it and besides I've posted it a few days ago. You just gotta love One Direction. Even though it's too mainstream now. I'm staying. And the list of the album was some what "leaked" so we directioners has the list. Just google it! Oh! I almost forgot. They're gonna release their second single from the album PLUS the music video *dyinggg*. Sorry for fangirling on my blog. So, they're gonna release "Little Things" which sometimes reminds me of "Little Mix" and "Little Miss Awesome" #no. 
Did I just used a hashtag on my blog-_-? 

Anywayyy that's it! I know not everyone has the same favorite type of genre but these are the songs I currently like. So if you have YOUR list of music/song/album you like, feel free to post one on your blog and tag me if you want me to know yours. or not.

That awkward moment when my title is "Music sounds better with you" but I didn't put Big Time Rush on my list. HAHAHAHA.

Have an awesome day!
Love, Amalia

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