Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The birthday girl.

So let me tell you how it first started..  It was a bright Sunday morning (rain is falling~ #salah) on 10th of Dzulhijjah 1432 a.k.a last year's Eid-ul adha. Which was also November 6, 2011. My mom introduced me to a girl from my neighborhood...........  She was quirkyly small and so Chinese-ish. My mom and her mom introduced us to each other... I remember exactly how was her reaction when she knew I was from Sudirman iijhs. "Amel?! Amel Sudir?!" well at first I didn't know what it meant......... I didn't know what she meant by saying that........ then, I did the typical-girl-stalking-thang. I stalked her twitter. And yeah I asked for a follow back cause she is my neighbor and maybe I wanted to know about her a little more.........

THEN, the surprising part is, that girl, my neighbor, 2 blocks away from my house, CONSIDERED TO MOVE TO MY SCHOOL! Well I wasn't really excited though at first........ That was when I was turning to the 2nd Semester of year 8 btw. So, her first day at school, you know how typical-new-kids are like at the first day of school? shyness, forever alone-ness. BUT she wasn't like that! Maybe cause her fun and cheerful personality. She could easily blend in to others. At the parking lot, I saw her with her family... she was heboh sendiri cause her mom and dad was dropping her brother&sister off to school while she had to enter here first day of school, in Sudirman, ALONE! BUT THEN her dad noticed me and told her to walk with me. So she did........... and that was the beginning of our friendship. BUT NOT JUST THAT! A few days later, when we weren't really 'that' close, she went to my house (well cause we're neighbors, 2 blocks away) to curcol about her love life. Maybe she only did that to start a conversation? what a way to start a conversation.... 

Ever since then we always played together. I went to her house or she went to my house. And on examinations week, sometimes we studied together. I remember we watched Valentine's Day before we went to school early in the morning before the exam and she didn't study at all........good thing I did. It was super unforgettable... and and when we was supposed to study but none of us were in the mood to then we talked ALL NIGHT LONG until you had to go home...... well that's just how it is. Fyi, she's far yet the only person in school I feel comfortable talking in english with..

But then sadly on May 2012 she had to move...to L.A. But it's okay cause we still like to play together, go home from school together, she still liked to use my wi-fi whenever she's at my house. Well some said that 2 people who has a completely different personality is good for each other............I'm only gaje when I'm with her.

And today, November 06, 2012 is her 15th Birthday! Happy Birthday lil dude. Stay beautiful inside & out.. 
Oh & not to forget our 1 year friendship anniversary<3! Love youuuuu yuck. Hihi jk! love youuu <3 

Love, Amalia. 

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