Monday, September 17, 2012

Motivator book.

I know, I know, this book was published a quite long ago but I didn't have time to pick up a book at the bookstore until last week hehe. I actually finished reading it! (rare!) I even accidentally ripped a page.....(Sorry, Alanda). 
So I told you I was gonna write down my "List Of Wish" here so......... here it goes! 

p.s. If you're reading this, please pray for me to make my every-single-wishes to come true and I will love you forever and ever <3 

Amalia's List Of Wishes (2010)

1. Ride a Double decker in London with One Direction.
2. Get my twitter account verified. (@Amaliaspace (-; ) 
3. Buy a Volkswagen preferably blue. 
4. Get a clothing line called MOI.
5. Sing a duet with my favorite singer.
6. Open an art boutique called 'Artastic'.
7. Paint a picture.
8. Try some new Indonesian foods.
9. Have my own studio.
10. Get straight A's.
11. Make a birthday cake.
12. Make my own cartoon character.
13. Make my own video game
14. Go camping
15. Wear braces
16. Meet all disney stars.
17. Make friends with a foreigner.
18. Learn how to play the drums or Piano.
19. Cook a meal for myself.
20. Have my own restaurant.
21. Buy a super-comfy bean bag.
22. Go to London, Paris. 
23. Go to Japan, Tokyo. 
24. Learn how to ice skate/rollerblade/skate board.
25. Keep up my holy qur'an skills
26. Have my own website. (on the making).
27. Buy a new bicycle.
28. Try a klenger burger.
29. Go buy a slurpee at 711 with my friends.
30. Learn some aikido.
31. Make a video clip and upload it to youtube.
32. Go to Disney Land. 
33. Learn Chinese language like laoshi.
34. Graduate Junior High School with a perfect nem.
35. Get new friends in junior high school.
36. Star in a movie. 
37. Be an Astronaut and go to the moon.
38. Design my own clothes.
39. Build a tree house.
40. Go to Australia.
41. Invent something new and useful.
42 Write a book.
43. Buy an Apple product.
44. Contribute with UNICEF.
45. Go to an International School. 
46. Go to the Taj Mahal.
47. Buy a pirate DVD.
48. Have a part-time-job in High school to own my own money. 
49. Ride a submarine.
50. Go to the Coca-cola Museum & / visit a  Hersheys factory. 

I had to edit some cause some wishes were kinda lame. So I striked 17 out of 50 yeay! 33 wishes to go.

Well have a great day!
Love, Amalia.

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