Friday, September 14, 2012

Family Photo!

This pic was taken on Eid-ul Fitr day by my uncle who happens to be a photographer. This is far yet the best Family Photo taken ever, I just HAD to post this pic. Considering  we look super happy like a happy family on that photo. Well, simply cause we actually ARE a Happy Family. ;-) I know it's super late to say 'Eid Mubarak', I didn't have time to post a blog. Well not that I didn't have time. It's just, I HATE my laptop / notebook. It's running super slow and has a lot of virus so lately I've been using my Mom's laptop. Seriously Mom, Dad, 1 word. I need a new laptop. Oh that was 5 words! Oh well...

As usual on EVERY Eid-ul Fitr holiday we went to Semarang. Only, this was for 9 DAYS! At first I didn't want to stay THAT LONG. Buuut it's okay to spend time with the family. :) We went to a lot of places in Semarang that I never really had time to go there. And highlight of the trip, I watched 4 movies straight in 4 days. That's a new accomplishment to me. I actually wrote something about that on my 'Life List'. A Life List is a where you put your Life Targets or something. But people call it the 'Life List' when mine is called "Amalia's List Of Wishes". I wrote it when I was in the 6/7th grade (I'm a little mixed up!). 

And I was glad when I found that list in my drawer, and I re-read ALL of it, And I have accomplished 10-15 goals in 2 years! Yeay me! Starring London Tipton! Oh I miss that show..... Back to the topic. So I'm probably gonna post the 'Life List' or "Amalia's List Of Wishes" on my next post because I'm going to be talking about a great book I'm currently reading. Considering I don't usually read books. I'm just surprised I'm suddenly 'in' to reading lately. 

Have a beautiful day, beautiful people out there :) And don't forget to smile all the time. 
Love, Amalia.

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