Monday, August 06, 2012

What's in my pencil case? :)

Because "What's in my purse" is just too mainstream, and I don't do mainstream. Well basically it's just like I'm showing you what's in my pencil case like what people usually do on tumblr/youtube. But this one is a slight bit more special. Fyi, I got my pencil case in Australia's Queen Victoria Market (it's in Melbourne) which is so special I bought it when I was on a homestay program to Melbourne. And the ruler too! I have matching ones with Tasya's and Faishal's.

My pencil case is not normal like others, it's quite bigger. And I can put extra things in there like a little notebook, some post its, even when I sneak out my phone I put it there along with my headset. Other people's reaction when they see me carrying my pencil case is like .."What's that you got there?" and I was like "My pencil case (duuuh)" and they'r all like "It's so big :O" like they never seen a big pencil case before. ............but I'm used to it! :) I'm used to people wanting to open my pencil case and see what's inside cause it's just so unique! :)

So as you can see there's a lot of things in there.
1) Pens, erase-able pens which I love. I got them in the color blue, black, and light blue.
2) A highlighter. Which is also blue.
3) Some mechanical pencils and it's filler.
4) A tape whiter. This ones red cause I didn't find the blue one! :(
5) That big boxy eraser which I love. I always use boxy cause........I don't know I just use it.
6) And a ruler I've told you before.
7) Tissues, the one with the doraemon.
and that's it! :)

Did you notice the koala key chain? That's my favorite part of my pencil case.
There's one thing you may notice here, Almost, I repeat, Almost every stationary in my big blue pencil case is blue, it's true!

So now that I'm a 9th grader I have to study harder.....than before. It's just......too.....tiring. But I'll get used to it. Happy Malik Monday everyone! x

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  1. Boxy! The one and only great eraser, I currently own one boxy in the blue. Since I live far away,like country far, from a local stockist I have to ask my cousin. My holy grail of rubbers. Hopefully, it won't run out.