Sunday, July 01, 2012

Masquerade Night!

I'm being so artsy&craftsy today yeay! I just finished 1 painting that I love. It's an ocean. I just love the view of the sea. It's so relaxing and it makes me think clear and calms me down sometimes.. I was inspired by an article I read from the magazine and BAM! I painted an ocean. It's amazing how 1 single picture can give you a huge inspiration. And that's my 5th painting. I remember when it was my first time painting on a canvas.. I drew AMALIA and some cookies and the lucky number 02. Oh and the word awesome as well. Of course I posted it here in my blog. Then came my 2nd painting. It's a view also and a boat, I painted it at my painting course which I go once a week on Sundays. Been there for 3 months and I already have 3 paintings done. And my 4th painting is a UK flag which I want to stick some photos of the boys to make a collage for their special day, July 23th. The day One Direction was born.

And I also made some random things with some origami paper and scissors oh and glue:)

Yes I'm too bored today. So I had a little party on my own celebrating Canada Day! I miss Canada so much.. Even though I don't remember a lot of things cause I was still little and didn't felt anything, I still miss Canada. Some people don't believe I'm from Canada. Cause yeh I don't look like a bule. But I am born there. My parents were studying and working when I was born. Mom said I had a pretty awesome life back then. But apparently if you're gorgeous and bule and you live in Indonesia, you can be popular on twitter like some half bloods on twitter. Sad part of life, I'm not. I don't wish I was but it could be cool.. So yeh I'm celebrating Canada Day on my own haha. With music, costumes, party balloons anything can happen :) 

I forgot to take photos with the party balloons :( maybe next time?
and for the music I had some new and old music on my playlist. One Direction (ofc, duh), Katy Perry, Karmin, Hot Chelle Rae, and more! Oh and Drew Barrymore's Way Back Into Love. I just found out about that song and I loved it the minute I listened to it. "All I wanna do is find a way back into love" it's just that I've been soooo numb right now and I wanna find a way back into love so I could feel love again, be loved again, I find that hard. But it's okay, I'm okay on my own. Since I fell in love with 5 flawless hotties, I'm fine. It's just that people don't believe me. I'm in the "I-don't-like-anybody-and-nobody-believes-me" situation here people.