Wednesday, June 27, 2012


YEP I just bought the UP ALL NIGHT TOUR DVD! Super excited! Been watching it twice a day this week. I'm so happy :] Even though they're not their own self, I mean not like in other concerts. Maybe the management told them to be completely normal that night cause it's gonna be recorded. Trust me, they do crazy things ON STAGE. Well if you live under a rock you wouldn't know that.
&I miss their video diaries and videos about their craziness. You know who I'm talking about? the boys! One Direction, duh.

So I made a poster but it's not really done yet.... I'm planning of bringing it when they come to Indonesia. I hope they would sign it, it would mean a lot to me!
Not to get my hopes up, I really wish they would come here earlier before they release a new album, but I'm okay with the new album. Rumors spread the their new single is called Heart breaker, I wonder who that song is for.. Or about whom.. We don't know yet. Just psyched that they already are working on their new album.

So yeah I'm planning on making a collage but it's not dry yet so.. Better wait :)

 AND I have accompany for the next week, my cousin from Semarang is visiting &I'm gonna be a big sister for a week :) super happy! FYI, she's only here alone WITHOUT her family so I have to accompany here wherever she goes, whatever she does--BUT I'M okay with it :):):)

-It's on like donkey kong!-

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