Tuesday, July 03, 2012

School School School

For a minute there, I forgot the fact that I'm 14 years old and now I'm a 9th grader. I'm not an 8th grader anymore! Now I'm a senior to my juniors but still a junior to my senior.
year8 > year9 > year10 > year 11 > year12 > COLLEGE! 

Just passed the year8 now I'm heading to year9. and before you know it? I'll be in college!

...did I just say yolo? oh well.

So yeah I'm in year9 now. Can't believe it. Time flies so fast. It was like just yesterday I graduated elementary school. And now? I have to study hard for the big exam. I don't wanna disappoint my self again. NO! I can't go back. I have to face it. I'll always have my friends by my side. 

To be honest, I just don't know what to feel right now. Should I be excited? Or worried? Or Terrified? Naaaah, stay cool, that's my motto. I know being a 9th grader is gonna be hard but everyone must have passed this phase where you wanna back down but there's no other way. So for now I have to make a change. Not by writing it down here. By really doing it in real life. Not sure whether I'm gonna do it or not. And it's my choice to make a differences or procrastinate.

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