Thursday, May 24, 2012

7 Things

7 random quirky facts about Amalia

I say "and I'm locking my answer" in my head during an exam
I haven't found my talent, I do like singing, but I'm not really good at it
I like to read people's blog when I'm bored
I still use google to correct my lyrics
I give my albums weird names
I HATE wearing make up, I mean, "Don't need make up, to cover up, being the way that you are is enough :)
I used to make soap potions and bubble bath in the bathroom when i was little.

7 things that make me insecure&/paranoid

When I have no pockets to put my hands in
Opened bathroom doors
When people stare at me like "....dafuq?"
Being left home alone
Someone following me IN REAL LIFE!
When I have nobody to share my feelings
Someone looking at the screen when I'm using my laptop/phone

7 things I miss from my childhood 

Playing on the swings, it was like me against the world
Watching Caillou, Barney, PB&J, Big Comfy Couch, all cartoons from Tree house!
Playing with bubbles WITHOUT looking like an idiot
When books were 3/4 pictures
Not caring about how I look
Family helping me doing my homework
Playing outside almost everyday!

7 things I want right now

World peace
Vanilla Ice Cream with sprinkles, please :9
That cheesy pizza at EPIC's canteen
Good grades
My own website meet my friends in Australia
One Direction's concert ticket and back stage pass

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