Saturday, May 26, 2012


This is pretty much what I'm doing right now.
May.. What a beautiful month it is..
I don't know why. It feels so long. And there's so many birthdays this may.
May 2 : Dita
May 8 : Qoyyum
May 11 : Bunga
May 13 : Marissa
May 16 : Rawa
May 20 : Fauzan (or I call Ojan)
May 27 : My aunt&Cousin
May 31 : Kevin
...and others, I can't remember.

 Actually I made that one in Australia for Dita but I forgot to bring in to every excursion so sorry Dits :b And I still kept it so I gave it to Bunga. 

 This one is for Fauzan. What a good friend am I.. 

And this is for Rawa, I miss her so badly.

I'm completely bored today. Even though I have heaps of things to do! But too lazy. Wait either too lazy or.......yea probably too lazy. But the amazing thing is that I still have time to blog. Cause I'm bored. Lot's of things has been going on in my life. I just finished my exam yesterday, and there's gonna be a placement test tomorrow. Wish me luck. Can't wait till June! Cause June is where the fun starts :)

Yesterday I went out with my friends. Year6 friends. We watched the Man In Black3 and ate at Burger King. We walked around citos and stopped at aksara book store. Apparently.. they sell Cookie Monsters stuff like mug, bag, tumbler, lunch box! Uh I have to take my mom and dad there cause it's muy expensive! It costs like 200.000 IDR. And there's this Eiffel tower jar uh I wanna buy that. Those things are going on my wishlist.

I still haven't figured out a birthday present for my dad. He's turning 50 this June. The golden age. I'm thinking of buying something that says "I love you dad" or "World's greatest dad" But I haven't made my decision yet so..

Anywayyy I'm currently listening to:

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  1. wow yang ultah lumayan banyak ya di bulan mei (?)
    singgah di blog ini :3