Friday, March 30, 2012

3 days trip to Semarang.

No school for 7 days, not bad a family time at my family's hometown, Semarang. Which I don't usually want to go to. But I don't know what hit me, I just had the spirit to visit my grandparents and my lil cousins. And I didn't know my grandparents' house was being renovated but it's still in process. I have some pics

It looks like destroyed by an earthquake, but no. I think it's pretty cool, yet so creepy at night. Now I have to move to my uncle's house if I wanna stay there. UH and the good news is my brother is the one who is gonna design the exterior of the house, and I'M signing up for the interior. Gonna do lot's of works cause it's a big big house. But I don't know yet actually.. I'm just volunteering.
Anyway, I have been listening to Taylor Swift lately, and I'm in love. I knew Taylor's music a long time ago, I just have been interested into listening to her songs just now ► A perfectly good heart. 

Even though it was just for 3 days, I had a blast! Even though the internet connection there is limited, I still had my phone. High light of the week: I finally had time to shop with my mom! And I bought lots of things.
So yeah, I had a blast. 

 And that is my little cousin Krisna looking clumsy and cute at my camera. I hope I didn't miss a thing..

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