Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quotes by MOI and other places.

This. I love this quote, who ever made it I bet you're living your dreams right now. Don't dream your life, Live your dreams. What a quote.. At night when I'm about to sleep I always make scenarios of my life, about what should happen and what I want to happen. So I always dream my life. And it sucks when things didn't turned out the way I planned, when everything is messed up and screwed. So, from this quote I learned to Live My Dream, Do things the way I planned, DO all the stuffs I imagined, and make it happen.

I didn't know what I was thinking when I made this-_- Okay Be Free Be You is a quote from somewhere and I forgot where I heard it and I added a little You're You! Be Free, Be You, You're You! Sounds catchy. Be Free as a bird, Free like no one else is around, Free like you're the last man standing, Free as a wild chimpanzee, Free like you own the place! Be Yourself. Be You. No one is better than yourself. Don't copy others, cause that will never show the UNIQUE side of you. Be you like you ARE the AWESOMEST PERSON ON EARTH! Be You like you've never been you before. Be you, cause everyone else is taken. You're You! Not anybody else. You're not fake. You're not a poser. I sound like Kimora Lee Simmons right now. You count. Love yourself. Embrace your inner&outer awesomeness (beauty).

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  1. ohhhhhhhhhhh realy thats awsome , I feel every word in this quots plz move on