Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Project #6 : Love in Black&White

I just found out the 'Black and White copy' in my camera so I took pictures of Me every single night for the past 3 days. I know, it sounds tacky but I am, in good way. Oh and guess what? I finally found a new catchphrase besides "Stay Cool, Be Awesome" cause aha that's sooo last year, don't you think? Now, my favorite new catchphrase is "I Regret Nothing, Cause I'm The Boss" HAHAH! Usually people on tumblr and 9gag and stuffs says "Like A Boss" and I made a slight change.

Okay this isn't about that. This post is ACTUALLY about me in black&white which I'm kinda obsessed with now. Here's some pics, I'm not gonna post ALL of it. I'm just gonna post the great ones (I was gonna say good, but then I realized, ALL photos in my camera memory  card are good, so I changed the good to great) 

Some pics were taken while I was studying for the midexam cause I got bored in the middle of studying. Some are just the narcism pics of mine. I'm starting to like this black&white effect. It looks vintage, unique, black&white is definitely my new look. Not that I don't like colorful things anymore, I do, I still do. But taking pictures in black&white will be my thing for the next......I don't know how long, maybe until I got bored(: Enjoy my pics hope you're inspired by me and start editing/taking photos with black&white effects.

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