Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Volkswagen Beetle

I just adoooorrreeeee the New Beetle :) It's like when i lay my eye on it, i fell in love from the first sight.
You know those punch buggy thingies you used to play when you were a child? I don't really like buggy cause it's kinda old and wrecked. But I just LOOVVEEE the New Beetle! It's like, Oh my gosh! That's soooo gonna be my future car :) And I love the blue one. It speaks ME :)

And the Cabriolet one looks OKAY. But that just doesn't fits in Indonesia which the Air is soooo hot and sometimes soo cold and often rains. So i think the New Beetle suites me Just Well :) 

This is totally on my wishlist! 


  1. WOW.
    A great one. Gotta get it, when I got enough bucks on my purse.. :P