Saturday, July 23, 2011



At first, we really really didn't like it there. It was either too hot, too dirty, or it just doesn't feel like home. And yes, Nothing feels better than laying down on my SUPER COMFY bed and doing N.O.T.H.I.N.G. (well except eating, i love eating) 

...and i think some of us weren't comfortable with the home stay and the school a.k.a English Course. Including me, but i went through it anyways. At first, we didn't had a blast, instead we always complain about everything happening around. Yes indeed. The worst part is........ WE HAVE TO SURVIVE STAYING LIKE THAT FOR A WHOLE WEEK. But, the 3/4 last days in Pare, we were having fun, we were used to the situation around. And the best part is.... SOME OF US DIDN'T WANT TO GO HOME YET.

But then, we had a blast staying in Pare-Kediri. Well, some of us. I was kinda sick. Soar throat. Lost my voice. But i'm okay ;)

Okay now about the ✗_✗ emoticon
So the story begins like this....
In Pare, which i've already told you i lost my voice. At the bus, i spoke like a dead fish then i did a weird action using my fingers making an X and putting it upon my glasses like a dead fish in cartoons. ✗_✗
If you don't get it....... YOUR LOSS! 

And....... the best part of Pare is, my class which is Brilliant Class and i don't really like the name, USED MY MAIN MOTTO OF MY LIFE 

"Stay Cool, Be Awesome"

So that's the end of my story in Pare. Thanks for reading :)

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