Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fun Facts About A&W

Is the name A&W familiar to you? Yes! It's an American Restaurant which i just knew a really epic fact that i asked by my self to the cashier this morning. Well, actually my friend asked me to ask the cashier dude. My question was sorta kinda like this, "Excuse me miss, What's the abbreviation of A&W? Is it American Warteg?" 

Fyi, people here (in Indonesia) says like that "American Warteg" But theres obviously an "&" sign on it's logo
Do you see the "&" sign? Of course you do! 
And the dude (actually it was a lady) answered like this 

"No, it's not American Warteg. It's an abbreviation of Allen & Wright, the founder of its Root beer. But it can't be called Root beer anymore cause people say that it contains Alcohol in it. Even though in A&W's Root Beer doesn't contains Alcohol" 

And now.. After several years wondering "WHAT THE HECK IS A&W" i finally knew that A&W is an abbreviation of its Root beer founder. But i don't know either Allen & Wright is two different person. Or His name is Allen Wright. Maybe i'll google it for that answer.
I know i can just google it. But hahaha asking is more fun. 

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