Wednesday, July 06, 2011

My tips on being Happy :)

Everyone wants to be Happy. I know i do :)
So heres some tips on being Happy :)

Tip #1 = When your sad, try to Smile :)
Tip #2 = Stop being bored and do something FUN! Like perhaps, shake your booty.
Tip #3 = Don't let ANYONE get in your way!
Tip #4 = Sing Silly Songs
Tip #5 = Have fun with your Friends, go to movies, or something.
Tip #6 = When nobody's home or you're in an empty room, SING YOUR FAVORITE SONG OUT LOUD!
Tip #7 = Realize why your not happy and do the things all the way around.
Tip #8 = (This tip is not necessarily) EAT YOUR FAVORITE FOOD TILL YOU DROP
Tip #9 = Follow what you're good at. Perhaps, if you like drawing then draw. If you like cooking than bake some cupcakes and send it to me :) If you like soccer go outside and play ball even though you have no friends.

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