Sunday, July 03, 2011


You know i watch a lot of Masterchef. And Junior Masterchef (my favorite). Uh and don't forget Hell's Kitchen. Okay to sum it up, i watch A LOT of cooking shows. And i love to eat. Who doesn't? 

But the thing is.........


Yeah i've tried several times. Once, i tried to make noodles. But my Mom was there accompanying me, and telling me what to do. And today, i finally tried to make it my self. With no ones help. I FAILED. 
It tasted soooooo weird. It tasted terrible. It doesn't tastes like my mom makes. And that's it i think i don't want to try again. I even can't pass a Cooking Game. You may laugh and all but yeah i can't cook! >,< 

BUT people say don't give up after the first time. You have to do it over and over again until you reach success. BUT i think Cooking isn't my passion!
But the funny thing is, In my cooking class i got an A-. BUT the good thing is, i can turn on a 

And yeah, Art is my passion! I can't change a thing about it. 


  1. Check out my new stand alone page > :)

  2. you're not alone. i can't cook a fried egg without singeing a small part of it, or making it tasteless.