Thursday, July 28, 2011

In love with the Cookie Monster

I used to be 3-5 years old when i started watching Sesame Street. Sesame Street was my 3rd favorite show besides Caillou and Barney. But, My very
Favorite Character from Sesame Street was............... THE COOKIE MONSTER!!
I think he's very cute :3 And for an add, He's BLUE! My favorite color~
I wish i could watch Sesame Street again. Wait no, that would be bowring for my age. But, Now i know my favorite character in all time = Cookie Monster.

#Fact = The real name of 'The Cookie Monster' is Sid. :O
Now, my twitter background is Cookie Monster, My Y!M display picture is Cookie Monster. Myyyyy Phone wallpaper is Cookie Monster. Oh how i wish i had a Cookie Monster dollie. I had once, but i got bored with it, so i gave it to the less-fortunate kid. Ummm he/she's sooo lucky! I think i'm going to ask my mom to buy some Cookie Monster Souvenirs.

 That Cookie Monster T-Shirt looks soo cute. And the Cookie Monster Mug must be very functional for drinking milk and eating cookies at night. And don't forget that Nike Cookie Monster shoes. But those must be hard to get in Indonesia.