Friday, July 29, 2011

How could Blue be My Favorite Color?

How could Blue be my Favorite Color you ask? It's obvious! DUH! It's the most Amazing color in my Paint Kit. But specifically, i like Carribean Blue, or Tosca Blue. Wait no, i like all colors of Blue anyways. Light Blue, Dark Blue, anything goes! Especially my wardrobe. Almost like all the clothes i WANT to wear is Blue, or has a little touch of Blue. Blue blue blue. If i was the President of Indonesia, i would have a law that says "I'm the only person who can wear a cloth with the color Carribean Blue in Indonesia Region." LOL JK that would be so Selfish! I know i love the color Blue. Even my blog scheme is blue right? Blue is a Natural color. Goes with a boy and a girl. And my zodiac is Aquarius which relate to the ocean which is Blue. So maybe that's why i love the color blue?
If i go to the mall or a distro and find a unique T-Shirt which is not blue i'll ask to the seller "Do you have it in the color Blue?"
And if I had to choose between Elmo and Barney. I'll definitely say The Cookie Monster cause he's Blue. So true!
If i had to choose where i want to go between an amusement park or a night club. I'll definitely say an Art Gallery cause i also love Art for a change. The color Blue and Art is something i really relate with! And i don't know what the world will be without Blue and Art. It's like a Pencil without its eraser, a pen without its tint. Earth without Art is Just 'EH' so Art must be very important!

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