Saturday, July 02, 2011

I had changed my blog URL :)

From Into :)

So, if you're asking "Why did you change your URL?" 
It's because i over heard slash read about Blog tips and they said you have to use a simple blog name. So, why not use my name? Like BUT i'm not a copy cat :p Say whatever you want.

.... and i kinda like my new URL. 
Amalia Pradifera. 

That's a cool name right? 

"What does Amalia Pradifera means?"
Some people says Amalia means "Lots of giving", "Brings Happiness", "Hard Working", "Defender", "Industrious" and many other things which i'm not >.<
And "Pradi" is my mom and dad name, Prasilowati > Widiyanto. Fera means "February Rabu (Wednesday)" Because i was born Wednesday, February 11th 1998. 

And i really love my name, its beautiful :) Thanks to mom & dad.

Write again later :p

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