Thursday, June 02, 2011

This laziness is killing me.

Have you ever felt you really want to do something but someone deep inside you says "I can ... but i won't". I've probably felt that a MILLION times by now. No not million, GAZILLION. Okay i was just over reacting. But really. I'm so darn lazy i could just lay down all day and sing "Today i don't feel like doing anything i just wanna lay in my bed" HAHAH.

And you know the worse part is? One of my friend, actually 2 said that i'm the laziest kid on earth. Uh i mean in class. BUT I DON'T MIND. Yep that's me. But when it comes to food, Laziness go bye-bye.. I can't imagine what will i be if i'll stay this lazy until the rest of my life? And when i actually get a job and be famous, will i still have time to be lazy? And tell someone else to do the work? Well that's just nuts. And i won't be able to lead a company or even lead a city if i was lazy. No one will pick me as a President if i'm lazy. Maybe if they do, i'll be the Laziest President on earth. Bahahhaha.. Me and my imaginations...

But who knows, maybe i'll be a President of something and not be lazy anymore, better yet, I'll be a role model for kids. Bwahahaha let's just wait and see.

Okay so heres a song for everyone out there who's as lazy as me.
Enjoy :)

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