Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I miss you... I miss your smile...

See the title *looks up*
That means i'm missing someone. Somebody. Someone special. Okay not someone, somelot. (?) There's not such thing as somelot. Okay, what i'm trying to say is, I miss my 6th grade friends. Like, Khansa, Naura, Suzanna, Marissa, Hakka, Kevin, Lucky, Cherry, Khattlya and so much more. (i didn't mention the kids who's in Soedirman except Khansa cause i kinda miss hanging with her)
I don't know what bang my head but i suddenly sorta miss em like i've never seen them in a million years.
Oh and ma cousin Nida. Long time no see bro! I hope you get good grades on your national exam.

Yesterday, My friend told me that Khansa tweeted that she misses me. But i don't know what she 'really' said, and if she really tweeted it. But my friend said that she said *ugh this is so complicated* she tweeted like she missed me cause now i hang with my new friends. Well, i feel the same thing too. But i don't know what i'm supposed to do. I mean i can hang with everybody in the universe here.

And i was saying. So yeah i miss them so damn much! And i sorta did a mistake here yesterday June 1. I didn't come to my 6th grade teacher's birthday. I kinda signed up for this year9 graduation volunteer guess. And i absolutely forgot about June 1. That was supposed to be special cause i missed the June 1 2010 celebration. And now, i messed up again and theres no way we (6h) are gonna do that again. I feel guilty like a guilty student here. And, 6h class had been the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. And i actually cried when we have to separate. And between you and me, my year7 friends are no fun like 6h. But yeah, i'm gonna stick with it.

And theres some photos i'd like to share with all of you..

Tears :') I miss them so much. 

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