Saturday, May 21, 2011


It's 21 of May 2011! 
And guess what's special about it..
It's the day i invented the name @Amaliaspace

If you're a friend of mine, you've probably know what Amaliaspace. And if you know all of my accounts, you'll probably ask "Why the heck you use that name for every account you have?" wth Not every account. Just some.

YEP i invented Amaliaspace for my twitter account on 21 May 2010. Right after i bought my phone. I have proof. It's on my phone. I WOULD take a photo of it. But the fact is i'm kinda lazy *boo
Oh yeaaah... Happy Birthday @Amaliaspace :) 
Bahahaha this is kinda weird.

Feel free to search me on line :)
And feel free to follow me on twitter @Amaliaspace! IF You're a blogger and want a follow back from MOI JUST ASK ^_^

If you're asking what "space" mean on Amaliaspace, Space means like Zone, area, special place. Not space like space on keyboard or outter space. And theres something funny about it. 

Zoom It!

And if you don't get it (wow your a loser and don't have sense of humor) The rules for your twitter username "No spaces, please" and i kinda break the rule i used "space". Get it now?

Okay okay write again whenever is possible.

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