Thursday, June 16, 2011


U Smile.. I Smile..

Okay this post isn't about Justin Bieber's song.
It's more about SMILES

Have you ever felt so down and you can't turn your frown in to a smile?
How does it feels?

And, what i do when i feel down i think about things that makes me happy. Like, my friends, school jokes, and maybe think about my bright future. And before you know it, my frown turns around.

And people always say that Smiling makes you live longer. But don't smile way too much cause people will think your a weirdo. And, smiling also makes you look polite, grateful, nicer, etc. And there are 10 Reasons to smile i found on the net (i've posted about this recently)
  1. Smiling makes us attractive
  2. Smiling changes our mood
  3. Smiling Is Contagious 
  4. Smiling relieves stress
  5. Smiling Boost your Immune system
  6. Smiling lowers your blood pressure
  7. Smiling Releases endorphins, Natural pain killers and Serotonin
  8. Smiling lifts the face and makes you look younger
  9. Smiling makes you seem successful 
  10. Smiling Helps you stay positive 
So, Smile :) 
I smile, even though i hurt see i Smile
I know god is working so I smile
Even though i've been here for a while
I smile, smile :)
- Kirf Franklin 

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