Friday, June 17, 2011

Dad, My life would super suck without You :)

Lately, i've been posting about my mom but then i realized, I've never posted A THING about my dad. I mean Seriously. SO this is the first one :)

I have a dad, which apparently not at home all time and always outta town but always comes home on weekends. But i'm still very lucky to have a dad. He's smart, when i ask him 16245153747+315262642672 he would immediately answer 457534258464369369362 (i don't know if that's even sure) he also thought me how to count faster but i just don't get it.

He has a big smile :D Maybe i got mine from him. And, he pays for EVERYTHING. He's a really bold person. I mean not bold-bold. But bold you know brave and things. Yeah i was saying, the thing i love from my dad is that whenever i want something i get it. Not that i'm spoiled or something. It's just he wants to give me the things i want. Well, with permissions from my mom of course. And i'm not the kind of daughter who likes shopping and stuff. I only shop when i want. And i don't ask for big things.

Okay there's some THINGS i wanna say about how much i love my dad.

#Ilovemydadeventhough He's always outta town and only home on weekends
#Ilovemydadeventhough I don't show him i love him

Happy Fathers Day :)

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