Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm in Year 7 going on Year 8

Omg, i can't believe it. In like 3 weeks  i'm gonna be an 8th Grader. Well, if i make it. But i'm very sure i'll make it. And, i can't believe i'm gonna be a senior for the juniors. And they're gonna call me "Kak Amel" Mwahahha.. Okay, that's definitely not important. But, i just like having some kids younger than me. I hope there's not gonna be Seniority like last year.

And about the class. Okay, honestly i love love love exdivel but not the guys, well some. And i hope year 8 some of us will be together again! But its lovely to hangout with others, but i feel like, only exdivel knows my 'real' personality and they're used to it. I asked some of my friends in year 7 about what they actually think about me, and SOME of them said that i was weird, annoying, lazy. But the good side is, they also think i'm Funny. And i'm actually okay with it. Cause, honestly i can be annoying sometimes, i am insanely weird, and i'm like the laziest person on earth. But i can also make somebody laugh :)

And i really wanted to cherish the moment and ask about EVERYBODY'S opinion about me and make it an album but i was too lazy :( I'll save my idea for year 9.
Okay so basically, today was actually the last moment 7E  a.k.a exdivel can be together as a class, but we'll still meet each other. And we got 2 trophies from the classmeetings even though i didn't win anything!

So yeah, i'm in year 7 going on year 8 i'm just enjoying the long *short 3 weekends* holiday! I don't have plans for tomorrow! Urgh! I need something to do!

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