Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Le history of Little Miss Awesome

It all started on twitter, where I wanted to figure out a cool name for my twitter username. Little Miss Sunshine was so in that time. But hah Little Miss Sunshine doesn't fit my personality. And I love the word awesome. So, Why not Little Miss Awesome? But @LittleMissAwesome is too weird for a twitter username, don't you think? So yeah I didn't take it. So I used @Amaliaspace instead. Back then I had this weird blog that I'm too embarrassed to show you it's called Amalia's Space. So I thought about @Amaliaspace but I also had a brilliant idea, @Amaliasaurus. I had to decide which one I really wanted to use. At first I used @Amaliasaurus. But it felt weird cause I don't like dinosaurus'. So I changed it into @Amaliaspace and I haven't changed it until now. I had that username since 2009. 

Before I changed my twitter username into @Amaliaspace or @Amaliasaurus, I had @Chipmunks_A29 (something like that), @Amalia_InBlue, @Amaliahahamei, etc. I forgot. I changed it almost every week, no! month. I changed it almost every month. And yeah it's so alay. So I'm never gonna change it again until I found the right username for me. Well I thought about changing it into @Amaliapfera which means Amalia P(radi)fera but I erased the radi so it will be like pfera cause @AmaliaPradifera is too long, yea I've thought about that recently, just haven't found the right time to change it. What do YOU think? 
Back to topic, Little Miss Awesome. So yea I didn't used Little Miss Awesome as my twitter username, but I used it as my twitter name. You know, normal people use their name like Amalia Luthfya Pradifera, I don't. For your information, I often write my name as Amalia Pradifera cause I get so mad when people mis-pronounced or mis-spell my middle name which I often do too, so I thought Amalia Pradifera is way cooler and more simple. Bottom line, famous persons or celebrities are often known as their First name/Nickname and Last name. So if I get famous (which I will) people will know me as Amalia Pradifera the person who owned Little Miss Awesome. 
Back to the history of Little miss Awesome, where were I? okay um... At Pare I used "Stay Cool, Be Awesome" as my class' cheer, and the word 'Awesome' was spread. And hahah I often hijack my friend's twitter to tweet "@Amaliaspace AMALIA IS AWESOME!" and people will start wondering about it. Then people start to call me Miss Awesome, Little Miss Awesome or something. And before I knew it, Awesome was like my word. Even though I didn't invent it. So, I used Little Miss Awesome as my blog name so people will start to notice me more as Little Miss Awesome :). I don't give credits to anyone cause I invented the name. Maybe people claim that Little Miss Awesome is their invention, but I didn't copy it from ANYBODY. So from now on, You (who's reading this) may call me Little Miss Awesome. 

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