Monday, May 14, 2012

My Aussie days.

It has been 1 week since I got home from Aussie, but I didn't have time to blog, Sorry :)
Anyways, Yes There was a home stay program at my school to Australia, who didn't want to come? Most of my friends said they regret not going to Aussie. I mean, being abroad with friends? What's more fun then that? Okay we had to study and stuff, but it was still an experience I will never forget.
I met a lot of friends there! We went to so many places. We only studied for 4 days, and I didn't even catch up. We studied at EPIC, East Preston Islamic College. It's a good school. I like the cafeteria there, they sell Pizza. Now I'm craving for EPIC's cheesy pizza.

We went to so many places as well :) We went to the Phillip Island, Sky deck, Warrook, Chocolate Factory, Cook's cottage, Ballarat, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne Aquarium, visit Mt. Hira college, and we also had a barbecue party. It was super fun! This is an experience I guarantee I'll tell my grand childs.

Here are some pics, I'll only post the good ones, not all :)
Feeding the kangaroos. I failed cause I was too scared. Hey that kinda rhymes!

At the Chocolate Factory. Imagine being in a place full of chocolates.

Ice Cream at Wendy's with Nirmala and Ilma while waiting for Dita and Tasya to come.

Well....this is Omar. We call him Josh though. Because he kinda looks like Josh Hutcherson don't you think?

Dita and I posing with our hotdogs at a barbeque party!

We just arrived, after more than 6 hours on a plane
I wasn't in a really good mood that day, can't you tell by my smile?

Butterflies, butterflies everywhere!

Featuring Dita, Zakariya, and Yusif!<3 I miss them already noww.

Hugged by a Koala. So I really wanted to take a photo with a koala, but they were all asleep so I found this little lad and he hugged me.

Posing infront of the Melbourne Museum.

The trems there were pretty cool..and effective.

My new best friend, the moon.

Found these popping candies at a shop in the city.

I've always wanted to be a puppeteer.

Taking photos at a cinema may seem fussy. But that's what we did.

Me getting a brainfreeze after drinking this slurpee.

But it was gooooood. And I like the design of the cup.

Bowling time with fwiends. Too bad Nirmala and Ina couldn't join us. If they did, it would be a girls night out indeed.

In our bowling shoes.

With Yusif on the last day in EPIC. :(

Meet my new friends, the Nachabe's. :)

Sorry it's not in order. I'm too lazy to arrange it :) Maybe sometime I will.. for more pics go to or

Peace out,