Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Suicide oh.

I feel pity for those 'unlucky' teens who killed them self cause they think they're worthy or just because they were broken hearted, lost hope, or even don't know what to do with their life.
Thanks allah i'm not one of them.Though, i've been through those situations. It's hard. But, i'll always find the way out from the problems by praying to god. And i think suicide isn't an option when i'm lost hope. I never ever thought of killing my self. Cause i love my self, body, and even my imperfections. And i think suicide isn't the end of everything. Your soul will feel the same way forever and even worse. Your soul will last forever cause it'll never die, only our body whose gonna die. It will even grow more problems then before. The good way to solve a hard situation is to pray, or go to a therapist. 

"Life is too short to wake up with regrets
Love the people that loves you

And forget the one that doesn't
If you get a chance take it
If it changes your life
Let it go."

Enough about suicides it's creeping me out -_- 

Song of the week! I've been listening to it all week and i thought i just had to share it here :D 


  1. In last time, I've been lost hope in one situation, actually and to be honest, it makes me hurt and down. and the diffucult things is to standing again. but I just pray #curcol

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  2. Curcol dikit it's okay laahh hehehe

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  3. i love that quote,
    "Please dont be in love with someone use heart (too much)."
    because everything too much will hurt you so much. :)
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  4. Yeaah :)

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