Sunday, August 07, 2011


The fact that today is Friendship Day i want to post about friendships :)

And it's absolutely true! Strangers think i'm quiet. Friends thinks i'm outgoing. But, my best friends knows that i'm completely insane! But they'll still love me for me 

I'm not a master about those friendship thingies. I'm just lucky to feel how exciting having bestfriends are. Best friends, what is that? Is it friends from school? Friends from your neighborhood? Your cousins? Well, all i know is that Best Friends are the ones you spend time a lot with. Share secrets a lot with. And just having the time of your life with the person you call "best friend". But, both individual has to admit that they are bestfriends. Otherwise it won't be called best friends. It's just called friends. 
Best Friends could be  anybody. It could be your friends from class, from your neighborhood, from your past, or even present. And being best friends with a good person is like royalty. And you'll be treated like a royal person if your friendship is strong enough to brake a wall or fast enough to run across the sea wooah..
And now about me, i have a weird friendship with my friends now. The ones who i spend time almost like everyday and every moment at school doesn't admits we're best friends. But my friend who admits i'm her  "bestfriend" never spend time everyday 24/7 with me. That's quite weird if you ask me. But i don't mind..
Write again later 

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