Thursday, April 28, 2011


What do you feel when you walk down the hallway and your crush passes by? Are you having a major heart-attack when you see them?

Have you ever just locked yourself in your room and daydream on your bed thinking about your crush?

Are you feeling so happy when your crush says your name and actually talks to you?

If the answer is yes then, there's no doubt, you're having a MAJOR CRUSH CRISIS sister!

Do you have a secret crush on someone?
Or it's not a secret anymore cause everyone in your school knows?
and the sad part is everyone in your school knows except your crush :/ (curhat)
Or you don't know what you really feel when your crush is around?
Or you're not crushing on anyone right now?
Wait, Having a crush on someone is normal (been there done that)
NOT having a crush on someone, now that's sick.
I mean come on, admit it you have a crush on someone.
If your crush have the same feeling to you, you must be lucky.
Sometimes, 'crushes' are unpredictable. It comes anytime anywhere..
I have no advice for you cause, i'm still trying to figure out mine -_-

Well, like Selena said
"i wasn't really in love, it was just a crush.."

And David.....
"but i know this crush ain't going awaaaay"

inspired by : Nikki Maxwell

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