Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bye-bye my Turtels :(

This post is special for my beloved turtles :)

It's not that their dead. No, their a live. Healthy and Enormous. I gave them to my cousin. They had a big pound. And have a maid to clean up the pound. So, why not? But i'll visit them sometimes....

About my turtles, the big one name is Verne. And the medium one name is Val. I bought Verne at a Zoo when i was little. I bought two, but the other one was dead :(  And i used to put them in a cage. But then Verne got bigger. Then my mom made a pound at the front yard. And bought Val and Veans. But, Veans ran away on a big storm. Verne and Val grew up so fast :')  Actually i didn't take care of them very well :(
They ate lots of veggies and meats. Can you believe it? I gave them burger meats and bakso and so much more.

Hmm.. bye-bye my lil dinosaurs..

Oh yeah, shoutout to my friend LUCKY!! It's his Birthday now :) Happy Birthday. Be a dude. Peace out! -_-v

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