Saturday, November 06, 2010

Today was a Blast!

Yeah, by "blast" I mean FUNFORGETTABLE! (Fun and Unforgettable)
Today (06-11-2010) I went to the movies with my friends. It was Me, Khansa, Edo, Andru, Dani, and Edo's friends. We watched Step Up 3 (for the second time). After the movies, we went to J.Co to buy J.COOL (It supposed to be A.COOL *Amalia Cool* #Justsaying #ignoreit). Then we went round and round arround the mall (nothing to do). Then Edo, Andru, and Dani went home. But I and Khansa waited for Vikra to come -_- While waiting i ate Cheeseburger with Khansa at A&W. Yeah i asked for DOUBLE Cheese burger, But it turns out i ONLY got Cheeseburger with double CHEESE -__-'' Soooo different then i expected. Yeah so i bought 2 ofcourse HA.
Then we went Karaoke at that Karaoke place i never really cared about the name. Then i sang a whole bunch of songs (Y) Oh yeah!
And then i went home. The end.

I got this from Edo:
I named it Coco.
He said it will be great for my Drama play as a Pirate. Hahah.

Oh yeah talk about Drama, I'm playing as "Superamel" Hahaha.. I'm going to save the pirates from the witches. Yeah that's kinda impossible, and you probably never heard about something like that before (me too) but i don't know what crossed their mind,weird, but i kinda like it (Y) Wish me luck for the Drama on thursday!

Write again later, bye.

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