Friday, May 07, 2010

Adventures of Amalia Pradifera

Born in Halifax,Canada, February 11th 1998. From Mother Terry, and Father Ibnu. That i call parents. They gave me a wonderfull (awesome) name Amalia Luthfya Pradifera. and i have a brother, his name is Andika. When we were at Canada, we live at Halifax, Peter Green Hall Apartement. it's an awesome Apartement there. Lot's of Memories. My Mom worked part time as a baby sitter so i have lots of lots of friends. I Forgot what my dad works at. My Brother was in Elemantary school, And i was still a baby, but there was a kindergarden there, that's where I go to.
This is the apartement. But then, One day i went to Jakarta with my Mom, but, i dont know why. i really really want to stay there. i didn't know a thing. but i sticked with it. i don't know why my mom prefers Indonesia than Canada, it's awesome there, it's Beyond awesome, it's, it's BE-AWESOME! But, when im 17 i can choose Canada/Indonesia, Home/This? *no hard feelings* ^^v

When i went to Jakarta with my mom, My Brother was lucky, he got to stay there untill he finished his junior high school. Well i want the same thing but noo im too young to choose, so, when im 17 im gonna make my own decision. im gonna go to Canada. But, i dk. im still on the 6th Grade. Now, i live at Tanjung Barat Indah (like Peter Green Hall, 3 Words). Now, My Mother works as a Lecture and Vice President at Ipwija. My Father works as a Lecture at Undip, My Brother is Graduating High School. And Im at Sudirman Elemantary School 6H Class, with my beloved 6H Friends.. I have lot's of friends.. it's awesome there, lot's of memories. we just finished our big exam. and 1 week more theres gonna be another test, from school. and i can't believe. i only have a couple of weeks more to have fun with my friends.. Ugh... 6 years being together, hard to believe. They are the bestiest. if i have to choose them and a giraffe family (giraffe is my fav animal, well because their tall) i will choose 6h friends. Umm.. Let's just say "The H Club" ok. i have 6 best girl friends (i mean they are girls) Marissa, Naura, Farisa, Khattlya, Khansa and Suzanna. and i have 3 best guy friends, Kevin, Rashif and Hakka. But, from now on, all the H club members are my best friends (untill im in high school) ^o^. Im Tall, sometimes Lazy, get bored quickly, friendly, not too elegant, fun, and the best word AWESOME. When im with my Friends mostly Kevin,Hakka or Suzan, i can't stop Laughing. Believe me, They are my Craziest Friends EVER.. Hahaa.. I think we should enter a Laughing Contest, I bet you we will win. My Favorite song is (diffrent every month) but this month, im liking Miranda Cosgrove's - Kissin' U, Lady Antebellum (just like to say the name) - Need You Now, and Big Girls Dont Cry - Fergie. My Hobby is Going Online mostly on Facebook and Twitter, and Blogging. i can look at my computer for more than 8 Hours, but i can't my mom never lets me. i want to be an Interior Designer or a Business Woman OR a Public speaker. Interior Designer, because when i see a messy room my hand is just itchy want to change the design, and when i see a cute blue thing im dying wanted to buy it. and i want to be a Public Speaker like a  Reporter or Host, something involved with speaking (in english). But, when i was a little girl im forced to be a doctor. haha.. but now i want to choose an Interior Designer and work with my Brother as an Architect. Or  maybe a Business Woman cause I want to run my own company. Haha.. But i have to finish School first. Im not easily in love, but im liking someone that likes me back, but i just want the world to know that im single and "She likes him. He Likes her. Everyone knows except them" Hahahaha..... i really don't want anybody to read my blog but they already knew about my blog, well some people. Lately i wasn't being very honest with my friend's, i never share my secret with them, well the girls, cuz they always tease me and tell everyone about my secret. Well im sick of it.. so i (i can't believe im saying this but) I Trust boys (euw) but i only trust my best guy friends. Sometimes i want to say "Im sick with girls" but, unfortunately i am a girl. so it is weird if i don't like girls existing. (i never say that). I Like to sing in my room (alot) sometimes being crazy myself (that is crazy) haha.. i wear veil every where ago, except home.

Now about my Family, I Have a big Family, but i get hard recognizing them. (True Story), Every day at Home, i see my Aunt, she works for my Father (not maid) she helps my Father's work. She is so nice. My Mother's mom passed away when i wasn't born yet, i never get to meet her. sometimes i wan't to meet her, because my mom always tell fun stuff about her. And, My mother's mom is a good cook (i like to eat, well if i like the food)
My Father's dad passed too, when me or my brother wasn't born yet, but i don't know the story, my mom, dad, or aunt never told me, all i know is, My dad has the same name with his Dad.

Now about my Habit, i always say that i like to eat, i like food, yumm, yeah i do, but if i like the food, if i don't, i lost my appetite. True Story, if you want proof, just ask my Brother or Mother, they'll know what i like and dis like (obviously). My Other Habit is when i hear an Awesome song, i always listen to it for like a week, and then easily forget the song. haha.. And, My 3rd Habit (well i have lots) i love to laugh, if i don't know what to say, i just laugh, i laugh for no reason, and if im already laughing, i can't easly stop. I Like to Scream loudly, it's fun. I like to Scream "HOLLEERR!!!" Enaugh with my Habit.

Now, how about my relationship? umm interesting. Hey, i already said, im single, i just like an ordinary boy.
How about my Problems? I Don't want to look for attention and look for problem, if someone hates me maybe its just because im acting weird. but So What?? Hollaa!
Honestly, when someone hates me for no reason i will try to apologize, but if they sing "It's too late to apologize" their just un-lucky being my friend.  i don't really have a delimma right now, but my Brother does. He has to choose between UI, or Undip for College. but i say UI so i don't have to move to Semarang, first Jakarta now Semarang, whats next?

Now, My Personality, When i was young, i use to watch Barney, Dora, Caillou, and blah blah i don't remember. Now, i still like Cartoon, but i like Reality Shows too. I Like, iCarly, True Jackson, Ned declassified school survival guide,Wizards of Waverly Place, Suite life on Deck, Hannah Montana, Replacements, and Phineas and Ferb.

All from me, that's my adventure. what's yours?

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